Our team of Jewelry CAD experts is growing everyday! Our diverse team will can show how to master such CAD software including Rhino, Matrix, 3Design, TSplines and much more! Learn from the best and be designing in no time!

David Swallow

As 3DESIGN software certified trainer and support application engineer for Gravotech (the maker of 3DESIGN), David Swallow has over ten years of CAD jewelry-making experience. Having previously worked with Jewelry service bureaus, David has the ideal mix of jewelry market experience and CAD technical knowledge, making him an expert on the entire process from design to manufacturing. David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and specializes in 3D modeling and design.  Known for his patience and creative methods to teach CAD easily and in fun ways, David has taught numerous 3DESIGN classes for both beginner and advanced students.

Bob Hunter

Robert Hunter has been involved in jewelry design and manufacturing in the Dallas area since 1972. He specialized in hand fabricated platinum jewelry from 1984 to 2004.
It was in 2004 he became involved with CAD. It rekindled his passion for the jewelry business. It was a way to marry his decades of jewelry manufacturing experience with his interest in computers. It is this combination of manufacturing experience and technical expertise that makes him a valuable partner to his clients.

Jean Gorospe

Jean Gorospe

Jean Gorospe has worked in the design industry for the past 15 years for a wide variety of companies, including jewelry, video games, and fabrication studios. His skills encompass everything from hi-res character modeling, CAD modeling for jewelry prototyping, toy design, and product concept design. He lives and currently works for David Webb as Senior CAD Designer in New York City.